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Jessica JcAden

Editorial Assistant

Looking for young adult in a variety of genres, as well as select graphic novels and teen nonfiction projects. I’m focused on building an inclusive list, and I’m always looking for BIPOC creators and underrepresented voices in any genre.

Elizabeth Creighton


I’m looking for young adult novels that are smart, high-concept books with a killer voice and a deeply immersive atmosphere. I like romantic tension, snappy banter with the complexities of friendship and family and sisterhood, and retellings.,

Emily Patterson

Senior Editor

My first love is YA fantasy, where I look for unique magic and worldbuilding that feels essential to the story, complex moral dilemmas, and compelling characters whose goals are at odds.

Kimberly Miller

Executive Editor

I am looking for middle grade, I’m interested in multi-layered humor that kids of all ages can enjoy, a great puzzle or mystery, and magical stories with a hopeful lens. Please query me with your submissions.

Abby Biotti

Associate Editor

I’m looking for fantasy in any genre and contemporary coming-of-age stories. Commercial fantasy/adventure with big series potential, New Classic fantasy—literary writing with commercial appeal, I’m looking for books with a “witch in training” setup. It can be with or without an entire magical school setting and contemporary coming-of-age stories with a magical twist to it. Please submit such ideas to me.

Andrinna Spitzburg


I’m looking for young adult and middle grade movie-star-crossed fantasy romance
I want contemporary fantasy and stories with paranormal creatures, mythology & folklore, witches, or magical undercities and hidden worlds

Umberto Biotti


I’m looking for YA novels about magical schools and dark academia books! I want boy middle grade and boy driven young adult that is fun, funny, joyful contemporary fiction,. Please send me any work from marginalized authors Please submit to me smart YA that is contemporary with a commercial hook and a whirlwind romance that is high-concept. My wish list is a contemporary novel with a speculative bent. Send me young adult fan fiction.

Tyler Pitts


I am looking for young adult novels that has a structural “gimmick”: Epistolary elements, interstitial chapters, countdowns, alternating Now and Then timelines, lists, or any device that breaks the fourth wall! I love Stories about The Power of Stories. Please send me any books that involve tattoos around a storyline.

Amara Musa


I handle film and television rights of our books but I’m looking to acquire books about young adult competitions, games, sports tournaments, tv shows, and time loops. I would love to acquire a young adult ghost story. or young adult book on paranormal investigations. I would love any books with horror and magical realism,

Kayla Johnson

Editorial Assistant

I assist all the editors in the office. I’m slowly building my list.
I would love to edit young adult graphic novels, mysteries, and video game books.

Latanya Smith


II would love to acquire contemporary young adult novels, young adult fantasy, middle grade that has magical realism and speculative fiction, and young adult historical fantasy, contemporary middle grade, and historical, science fiction.

Matthew Chang

Senior Editor

I acquire books that have a teen focus meaning books that deal with teen life but are about aunts, grandmothers, fathers, mothers, sisters cousins, uncles, pets and just about any other area of teen life that has fantasy, contemporary, horror, or mystery. I acquire any books that affect teens but center on a teenager’s family and their home life within a family. Please submit such concepts to me.

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